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Life is like a box of chocolates....You never know what you're going to get.

Updated: Jul 10

That line from the movie Forest Gump could not describe the life of a disabled person more clearly. Every person who ever walked on this rock has insight into their past, but not one of us knows what tomorrow will present.

When our journey down this path started to present itself, it's much like being a toddler with the need to learn new things each and everyday. It's certainly not the way society scripts their future, but since when has a scripted game-plan ever played out exactly as it was drawn up on the chalkboard.

When my better half began experiencing difficulties with simple things like walking across the room, it wasn't her that made the first observations. Living in the now tends to mask small clues that others may see, but go unnoticed by those living the moment. There are probably various reasons for not noticing a change in physical or mental abilities, and I'm inclined to believe it probably comes from not wanting to admit that simple daily activities are not so simple anymore. The not so old adage "It takes a village" certainly comes into play, whether it comes from the initial signs of issues forming all the way through the process of learning to live with the new diagnosis. Unlike a toddler learning to navigate the early stages of life, living with a disability doesn't come with a playbook to help guide you down your new path.

The idea behind this business is a testament to the ability to adapt as a disabled individual and to those that provide the support needed to keep on keeping on. At some point early in this journey, serious conversations have to take place about where you want to go and do with the rest of your life. We want to model our journey and chronicle the ups and downs, the fun and the frustrations, and the love and dedication that keeps life an ongoing experiment in perseverance.

Thank you for following along as we build this business into a ministry that gives hope and success to those like us. Along the way, we will be chronicling our experiences, from the ups to the downs and everything in between. We hope that you can take something away from our experiences that will make things a bit easier and life an enjoyable experience even if a bit different.

Nick & Dawn

Dawn at Garden of the Gods

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